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BR.OK Podcast / 3

Be Real. And OK with it. Join us in our third podcast with Trey and wife Hannah, as we try to figure out if we're losing our "You-ness" through the likes of comparison and other dangers in the social media society we live in. Interesting observations, and we're hoping you'll join the conversation. Meet and chat @treycanard on IG and FB.

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BR.OK Podcast / 2

Be Real. And OK with it. Join us in our second podcast with Trey and special guest Matt Beacham as we dive into some discussion about the characteristics found in both Jesus and high-level athletes. How can someone have a kind and gentle heart, but still want to whoop your booty on the race track? Tune in and find out.

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Like My Perfect / Part 1

It seems to me, there is a fight in life to pursue perfection. Scroll through Instagram, for example, and I think you’ll see what I mean. We tend to reveal the side of ourselves that we like, or better yet, we love. It’s our highlight reel that shows people a side of us that looks good, is skilled and determined in hopes that it’ll show the rest of the world just how good we are — or should I say, how good we wish we really were.

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