Like My Perfect / Part 2

So we’ve all come across someone that claims to be a Christian, but when you see the things they do, or hear the things coming out of their mouth, it’s very different looking than the example Jesus gave us in His teachings. 1 John 2:6 (NLT) tells us, “Those who say they live in God should live their lives as Jesus did."

Jesus and genuineness go hand and hand. While you may have been hurt by “Christians” at some point, if their heart wasn’t right with the Lord, they were only wearing and claiming a name. In fact, this is the type of person Jesus did not want to be around. The type that goes around saying one thing, and living out the opposite spectrum (yeah I’ve done that too, and I ain’t proud). The type that has a Jesus fish on their car and cuts you off with a middle finger in the air. Yeah, that guy or gal.

I believe genuineness to be more important than perfection. I feel pretty confident in saying Jesus feels the same way. While He desires that we would strive to be perfect, he also knows that all of us will eventually mess up. Again, if none of us are perfect, than eventually we’re all going to sin (miss the mark of perfection). We’re taught in the bible that sin results in eternal death and separation from God, and must result in punishment. But instead of us being punished, Jesus took our place. He died on the cross for those of us that believe and follow Him. Even though we’re constantly messing up and trying to play it cool — Jesus must be like “Okay church boy, I know what you did last night.” Ha!

My point is this, Jesus was constantly with the least and the lowest, the outcast, broken, shameful, dirty, sinful people. Most of the time, when people portraying “perfect” came to Him, he said things like, “You hypocrites and snakes”. Jesus is not looking for us to be perfect. He’s willing to forgive yours and my short comings. He is looking for the genuine of the world, and it is in those people that He is willing to give everything they have searched for; Acceptance, love, grace, truth and an eternity with a whole lot of people just like them. Genuine. 

God’s grace is far greater than I can ever understand. While He loves us all and desires that we would all know Him, He only wants to be loved and have a relationship with those who really love Him and not just the idea of Him. I hope your journey towards genuineness is an amazing blessing to your life, and I pray you will know the love of an amazing savior that I have come to know, not because I’m good — but because I’m not. Jesus Christ. #BeTheLight