IN THE BEGINNING, I was born in Elk City, Oklahoma, and have kept the area my home base ever since. Growing up in a motocross family, I found myself on two wheels at a pretty young age. Ask my mom and she'll tell you I was a bad kid until the day I started riding bikes. Everyone's definition of "bad" is different! But for some reason, I was pretty good at it, and it's what I've been gifted with to do for a job.

MY RACING CAREER has been an amazing journey so far, and includes an AMA 250 SX Championship, an AMA 250 Motocross Title, and standing atop the podium with Team USA at the Motocross Des Nations to hear our national anthem play after we took the victory. There's been podiums and race wins since, but as the ride continues, it's important to always put things into the proper perspective. 

I'M THANKFUL to wake up next to my beautiful wife and partner in crime, Hannah, every morning. And of course we have Frankie the "Do you smell what I'm selling?" bulldog keeping things interesting around the house. He's got more sounds coming out of him than a 1950's jukebox. After the hard work is done, we enjoy relaxing at home with family and friends, unplugging and spending time together.

AS MOST PEOPLE KNOW, my life is built on a relationship with Jesus Christ, and steeped in biblical principles. I heard it once said, "We should preach the gospel all the time, but only use words as necessary". In other words, I'm trying to live out God's desire for us here on earth, not just talk about it. What's that look like? Visit the PodBlog page and we'll explore God's word together. My hope is that you'll be encouraged, fed and restored!



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American Honda HRC

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"The one thing that I can always guarantee is my effort; no matter what obstacles I might face, I'll always put in 100 percent."



TEAM HONDA HRC RIDER PROFILE: Trey's unwavering drive and dedication to his team have been an inspiration, exemplifying what AMA Supercross and Motocross are about; strength and perseverance. Downright fierce when he dons his helmet, Trey is nonetheless recognized as the most humble and well-liked guy in the pits. Since his professional debut in 2007, Trey has established himself as a consistent threat for race wins and podiums.

Now entering his sixth season with American Honda, Trey's goals are to deliver consistent results for the team. He has all the qualities of a champion, and nobody has more heart. "I'm excited," says Trey. "I have dreams and goals of winning races and championships, and I'm confident in my ability to do so. The one thing I can always guarantee is my effort; no matter what obstacles I might face, I'll always put in 100%."